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  • RELIEF SYMPHONY Oil on canvas 212 x 350 cm 2011 Signed in Beijing. Private collection in Zurich. Switzerland
  • RELIEF SYMPHONY Oil on canvas 212 x 350 cm 2011 At the studio in Pekin
  • work in movement

    Alex Fleites

    Cuban Poet and Art Critic.

    […] Frómeta had begun commercial arts studies at the age of twelve, at a school in California, USA. When he joined the National School of Art of Havana, Cuba (ENA in Spanish) he was one of the few students who had already received some academic training. This period of frenzied learning provided him with significant technical skills and acquainted him with the political and aesthetical ideas of the time.

    It is a moment when politics were severely conditioned by the clash between Cuba and the power of the North, which refused, as it does today, to accept losing Cuba as its neo-colony.[…]

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  • nostalgic evocation

    Miguel Barnet

    Cuban writer

    President of the Cuban National Writers and Artists Union. (UNEAC)

    Gilberto Frómeta goes riding with no saddle on his Mary Go Round of colors around two orbits equally challenging, the abstraction that sparkles in the turning of the playing machine and the poetic figurativism to which he strengthens looking for an anchor that somehow fixes his expansible personality to the earth.

    The conjunction of the recovered childhood fantasies and the wise maturity that forces us to look at ourselves in the mirror is united to this symbiosis. As sudden hallucinations the abstractions in Frómeta lead to the surprise, and the stroke of steady pulse establishes the novelty that the artist imposes the public. […]

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