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Carlos Marti Brenes

Cuban Writer

Difficult? yes, is difficult when having his friendship to do without it, because you feel that you are in a "Space" that excludes second parts.

If it’s this way, then you have the privilege of sharing his plans, of seeing him laugh like a big boy and to hear him tell his last mischief to the color that one day distributes with his "plane brush" like an infant that plays to lift a building, to make appear a world of colors that everyone knows that could only have been done by him, or maybe to tell you that his ideas are already other, that now he thinks that his pigments should be caught between strands of sacks and drops of waters. He tells you all this in whisper and one also remains silent since he knows that you're being part of a new and quiet plan and because as you are simply his friend, he turns you as an accomplice of him.

Suddenly any day, you enter with him to his domains and you find paintings with kites, rocks like phalluses, vulvas coming out from erotic colored stains, wooden horses, who knows, even apparitions. I have seen Cachita* appear on his canvases, as if she won't miss his party of colors and I even feel that she laughs, that she is also happy seeing so much gathered "creation".

Difficult? yes, is difficult when you have his friendship to do without it, because you feel that you are in a "Space" that excludes second parts

To ride next to him, over his canvas prairies, with his horses that you feel them human that you receive feelings as gifts from his paintings, tender feelings, it is a privilege. You go with him and you neigh and you laugh and you have a good time. You jump over wire fences and it seems that life won't have pitfalls, you see the river water jumping on your Percheron steed and you feel that the best is still to come. You catch the sight of his ink sorrel horse looking at his wooden colt and then you notice that this friend that travels with you reminds you that there are no limits for dreams: it is enough to believe.

Yes friend, is difficult, is difficult to be without your friendship.

*Cachita: Diminutive for the feminine name, Caridad. In this case referring to Caridad del Cobre; patron saint of Cuba in the Catholic religion; Oshún deity in the transculturation of the Afro-Cuban religion.

  • CACHITA AND THE SEA Acrylic and oil on canvas 105 x 80 cm 2007